All schools are required to create and update a safety plan to be activated in an emergency. The safety plan is shared with local law enforcement agencies as well as other emergency management agencies. While the staff is trained to implement this plan, specific details in these plans are kept confidential to ensure maximum security effectiveness.


Lock-down drills are conducted twice annually and evaluated for improvement. Students and staff practice emergency procedures for intruder, fire, tornado, and earthquake throughout the year.


Campuses at all schools keep exterior access doors locked and schools control admittance to all campuses. Violations should be reported to school staff. Building security features the following:


  • Secured doors, main entry buzz-in and camera systems at all schools.

  • Security vestibules at the main entry point of entrance for all schools

  • All campuses are monitored with security cameras.

  • Lobby area requires background screening for all visitors, volunteers and guests, alerting staff when persons should not be on campus.