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  • Welcome to the Dyersburg City Schools’ webpage! I hope you find it useful and informative. It is an honor for me to serve Dyersburg City as your Director of Schools and I want to thank you for your interest in our school system and our students.  We believe in preparing all students to reach their full potential by providing rich opportunities for each individual while at the same time removing barriers for student learning.   I am proud to be a part of a school system and a community that has a rich tradition of academic excellence. 


    As educators, we must teach students skills that will prepare them to live, work, and succeed in an ever-changing world.  Students must be able to solve complex problems, think critically, and collaborate with others to be prepared for any life they may choose. I know Dyersburg City Schools prepares students to succeed in all their endeavors after leaving Dyersburg City Schools with an effective teaching staff who has high expectations for every student.


    Welcome to our systems website. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact me at kworley@dyersburgcityschools.org if I can be of assistance to you.


    Kim Worley
    Director of Schools

Dyersburg City Schools Remote Learning Academy


    Welcome to the Dyersburg City Schools Remote Learning Academy!

    Any Dyersburg City Schools parent interested in enrolling their child in the Remote Learning Academy, please complete the online registration form at the link below. Also included are the guidelines for the Dyersburg City Schools Remote Learning Academy. If you have need further information, please email questions@dyersburgcityschools.org

    Dyersburg City Schools Remote Learning Academy Registration Form

    Dyersburg City Schools Remote Learning Academy Guidelines:

    Dyersburg City Schools Remote Learning Academy (DCSRLA) is a non-traditional learning setting within the Dyersburg City Schools District. Classes are taught remotely by Dyersburg City Schools teachers. All courses are aligned with the district’s instructional goals and Tennessee’s academic standards, curriculum frameworks, and assessments. Courses are accredited and approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and Tennessee State Board of Education.

    Parents may enroll in the Remote Learning Academy beginning July 6, 2020 if they do not feel comfortable sending their child back to the regular school environment. The application will be available online at www.dyersburgcityschools.org or you may call the Central Office at 286-3600. Because the online learning environment is not appropriate for every student, a student applying for full time enrollment in DCSRLA will be required to attend a meeting to establish if remote learning will best serve the student’s individual learning needs.

    Per the TN State Board of Education, students enrolled in remote learning must commit to working 6.5 hours per day in grades 1-12 and 4 hours per day for Kindergarten to stay on pace in all subjects and make adequate progress. Students who do not meet these expectations will not be eligible for continued enrollment in the program. (Please note this is VERY different from spring.) Attendance will be required daily and grades will be taken.

    Virtual students will be required to participate in assessments for learning in person at the appropriate school. This includes exams, benchmark assessments, ACT/ACT Aspire assessments, and TCAP/EOC assessments. These assessments could require a remote student to be on campus for multiple days in order to complete these various assessments.

    Instruction will be delivered by Dyersburg City School teachers through video lessons uploaded to a Dyersburg City Schools Remote Learning Academy website. Assignments will be accessed by students through Google Classroom.

    During this unprecedented time, we have two goals. 1) Keeping our students and staff healthy and safe. 2) Providing continued learning for our students. We believe that providing a Remote Learning option for families will help DCS accomplish these goals.

Dyersburg City Schools Return to School Plan

  • Reopening Plan

  • Dear Trojan Families,


    A new school year always brings anticipation and excitement. The last few months have been extremely challenging for everyone as we have all had to adjust to new ways of operating and new ways of learning. Social distancing, quarantining, and self-isolation are now a part of our everyday conversations. In the midst of all of these challenges, we are moving forward and developing plans for the 2020-2021 school year.


    First of all, I want to make very clear that the health and safety of all our students and staff is our primary concern and will drive each decision we make.  Our second goal is to make certain that we can continue with a viable learning plan for all students.  We understand this may look different for each student and in each setting.  Our community expects a high quality education for all students, and we are committed to providing that.


    In our plan to open schools, we are using guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as state and local health departments, the Tennessee Department of Education, local physicians, and physicians from LeBonheur Children’s Research Hospital.  Physicians from LeBonheur have said, “Do not concentrate on day-to-day numbers.  Look at the number of hospitalizations in your community, and focus on your most vulnerable populations.  Children are normally asymptomatic if they contract the virus.”  Using this guidance, we have focused our efforts on reopening schools with face-to-face instruction with precautions in place for the majority of our students and staff; remote learning will be available for our most vulnerable populations.  


    We know this is a dynamic situation and that future health conditions and guidelines may require us to modify any plan that we have in place. However, I feel it is very important to share with you our plans for the upcoming school year:


    1. 2020-2021 School Start    

    School is scheduled to start on August 3.  This first week will be crucial to teach all students new procedures for a new normal.  It is our belief that we need fewer students in each building at a given time to acclimate them to these processes and for teachers to assess their learning from the prior year.  Dyersburg City Schools will implement a “Staggered Start” at the beginning of the school year. 


    *A plan for August 3 will be distributed by each school with specific times and locations to accommodate social distancing.  The plan will be grade-level specific and will be released after July 13. 


    *Parents of students in grades 1-8 will receive a phone call from their child’s teacher regarding a day for their child to attend school during August 4-7.  Parents will be allowed to choose the day for their child’s attendance when the teacher calls.  


    *Students in grades 9-12 will be assigned a day to attend school during August 4-7 to learn procedures and for teachers to assess learning.


    *Our “Staggered Start” for Pre-K and Kindergarten will not change from previous years. 


    *All students in grades 1-12  will be in the buildings for regular instruction beginning on August 10 .  


    1. On Campus Classes - 4 Phase Process 

    It is our firm belief that it is extremely difficult to replicate the classroom experience online.  We will create an online format for those who do not feel comfortable attending school in person.  During our on-campus classes, our primary concern is to keep students safe during class time, transitions, restroom breaks, recess, lunchtime, etc.  Depending on the spread of the virus, we will reduce numbers of students in classes, increase distancing, limit interactions, and increase safety precautions as needed. At the same time, we will also make certain that school FEELS safe and welcoming to ensure that students continue to learn.  Our District Reopening Plan is attached.


    1. Remote Learning Option

    We understand that many parents have reservations about sending their children back to school.  We are providing an online option for our students who do not feel comfortable attending school in person.  For those students we have established the Dyersburg City Schools Remote Learning Academy, for which there is an application process.  Dyersburg City Schools will release an online application on July 6 for the Remote Learning Option.  Understanding this is a fluid situation, we ask that only those that are certain of attending remotely apply and all applications be completed by July 14 so that schools may schedule all students appropriately. Students who choose this option will be required to log 6.5 hours per day of instructional time for grades 1-12 and 4 hours for Kindergarten.  All online assignments will be mandatory and will be graded.  Attendance will be taken each day.  These courses will be developed and taught by Dyersburg City Schools teachers.


    1. Calendar for the 2020-2021 School Year

    After much consideration and feedback, there will be only one modification to the original 2020-2021 school calendar.  We will attend school on September 4, which was Fair Day.  A new 2020-2021 school calendar is attached.  


    1. Transportation

    Our intent is to provide transportation at normal levels this coming  year.  After evaluating many options and listening to community feedback, we know bus transportation is vital for many of our students.  We will continue to provide transportation for our normal school routes, and parents can make the decision for students to ride the bus.  At this point, we are looking at rerouting buses to reduce bus numbers, implementing extra cleaning, and having hand sanitizer available on the bus.


    1. School Meals

    We will continue the food service program for the 2020-2021 school year for breakfast and lunch.  To ensure that we serve food in a safe manner, we will make changes to comply with health recommendations.  Depending on the spread of the virus, we will make available alternative locations for students to have meals so that social distancing can be observed. 


    1. Community Feedback 

    We appreciate all of the families and staff members who have contributed to our surveys and provided feedback in our planning process.  This data is very useful as we develop our plans for the upcoming school year. We understand that many factors may change, but we are committed to a great school year for our students.


    1. Extended School Program

    We intend to continue the after-school programs that we had in place last year, such as ESP and before- and after-school tutoring.  We understand that many parents are in need of child care, and we will do our best to provide these services.


    1. Parent Training

    We will create a series of workshops designed to help parents effectively use our online programs.  Please take advantage of these face-to-face workshops as well as online training to ensure that you have the necessary tools to be successful with your child.


    1. Contact Tracing 

    In the event that students or staff test positive, public health officials or the school (whichever is made aware first) will communicate with the individuals affected.  Contact tracing will identify close contacts while maintaining privacy.  The Tennessee Department of Health defines an exposure as less than 6 feet for more than 10 minutes; therefore, it is possible that not all students in a class will be notified. 


    1. Attendance

    Because our primary focus is the health and safety of our students, we do not want students to attend school while they are sick.  Dyersburg City Schools will provide distance learning opportunities for those students who must remain at home for extended periods of time.   These students will not be penalized for attendance purposes so long as they follow the Tennessee State Board of Education and Dyersburg City Schools guidelines for distance learning.


    We are committed to making this a year of meaningful and memorable experiences for our students.  Dyersburg City Schools has a long tradition of high expectations, and that will not change.  Together, we will get through this and provide the best education for your child.  We look forward to a great school year with Opportunities for Every Child and Barriers for None

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