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Dyersburg City Schools Among the Top in the Nation

The Tennessee State Department of Education recently released information stating that Dyersburg City Schools was in the 100th percentile nationwide for growth of students in grades 3-8.  The data appeared in a New York Times article about schools in the Chicago area based on research from Stanford University. 


Data shows that Dyersburg City Schools may rank as high as 3rd out of every public school district in the nation.  The State DOE has requested a copy of the study from Sanford further analyze the data.

To read the article and see the information for Dyersburg City Schools:

  1. Go to
  2. As you move down the article, type in Dyersburg City Schools in the area that reads Add your school district to the chart. Look for the Chart labeled Change in Test Scores between 3rd Grade and 8th Grade. The dot represents Dyersburg City Schools but it is so far up the chart, our name is not able to fit above it.  All you can see is the bottom of the two "y's" and the "g" in our name.
  3. Once you have put in Dyersburg City Schools in the box, you may compare schools in the area. This can be found toward the bottom of the article.


From the data that we have received, we know the following information:

  • Dyersburg City Schools had the greatest gain in 3-8 student growth from the data spanning five academic years from 2009-2015 in the entire state.
  • Dyersburg City Schools showed an average gain measuring 6.8 years over that span.
  • Dyersburg City Schools attained these gains with a very low economic base to support our work.


Please look at the second link that shows a heat map of the nation.  See if you can identify Tennessee if you removed the lines that demarcate the states. The link is


The bottom line is this; if teaching is imparting knowledge and not just measuring what students already know, then Dyersburg City Schools’ teachers are absolutely the best.  We do more with less resources than anyone in the nation.