• Dear Parents,


    Welcome to Dyersburg Primary School.


    The Mission of Dyersburg City Schools is to provide a safe, positive environment where all children can reach their full potential.


    Our school is working to strengthen relationships with our families. As the school year begins, we urge parents, to continue your involvement with your child’s education. I encourage you to look into our parent organization, PTO, or if you are able, please take time to volunteer in your child’s classroom, our HOSTS program, and attend various school functions and activities. It is deeply appreciated and valued.


    This year will be a very busy year. We will be extending additional technology opportunities for all students, pre-k to second grade. Laptop labs are provided for all students. iPads, iPods, and Chrome Books are instructional tools used to increase both academic and technology skills. 


    Common Core Standards brive instruction in K-2. These standards ensure that all students are challenged with rigorous reading/language arts and math academic benchmarks in order to prepare them for success. All students and faculty firmly embrace our school motto, “Everybody learns at DPS”.


    We will continue the Schoolwide Positive Behavior program for K-2 students and serve as a demonstration site for Pyramid Model in our pre-k. Both of these programs ensure that all students receive outstanding explicit instruction in social skills.


    Finally, I want to express my deep appreciation to all our families for all they do to ensure students attend school every day, are well rested and prepared to learn. We have a great team ready to help students learn and thrive. Please accept my best wishes for a successful and productive new school year. Thank you for your time and your collaboration in working with us to ensure the success of your children!



    DPS Principal Linda DeBerry

    Linda L. DeBerry