Dyersburg City Schools' Board of Education


    School Board

    2019 - 2020 School Board members:  Gleyn Twilla, Carlos Doss, Jim Coy Houston, Matt Tosh, Courtney Patrick, Scott Self, Whitney Allmon

    The Dyersburg City School Board of Education focuses on the system's mission to provide a safe, positive environment where all children can reach their full potential.   We can achieve our mission by working together to equip individuals with knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve their potential,   enrich their lives, and become responsible citizens.  We welcome the community to attend School Board meetings and to remain active in the crucial job of educating the children of Dyersburg. The meetings are announced in the State Gazette Newspaper and the Dyersburg City School District's calendar.






  • 2009 School Board of the Year in Tennessee

    Six All-Tennessee School Board Members 2000 - present

    2014 Architecture Renovation Award (1st in State)

    2014 People's Choice Award

    2015 Student Recognition Award

    2015 Volunteer Recognition Award

    2016 School Board of Distinction

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