Students shall dress in a clean, neat and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school.  Dyersburg City School system’s schools must be environments in which work can be accomplished by adults and students. Staff will dress professionally and students' dress will fall within the following guidelines in order to create an orderly setting in which teaching and learning can occur without distraction and to help young people prepare for the world of work.


    The school administrator will make the final decision about whether an article or style of dress falls outside these guidelines. Teachers and school administrators will be held accountable for the enforcement of these guidelines. These guidelines will be applied consistently to all students. All requirements except for the one for skirts apply equally to boys and girls.


    1. NEW- MASKS: All students are requried to wear a mask or face covering in areas where physical distancing is not possible. Masks may be cloth or disposable. Students' mask or face covering must be solid in color and in the school's dress code: white, black, gray, gold or khaki. Masks that have any Dyersburg logo such as a D or Trojan head are acceptable. If needed, schools will have disposable masks available for students each day.


           2. FOOTWEAR:  Shoes must be worn.  No flip-flops, house shoes or shoe-skates.


           3. SOCKS: Socks are not required.


           4. PANTS:

    Pants must fit at the waist and inseam. No sagging.  Males must wear a black or brown belt that remains visible at all times. Pants should be one solid color (black, khaki, or gray) with no wording other than factory logo. No denim.  Pants cannot be gathered at the bottom (No elastic in waist or legs) or have rips or tears. Pants should have no lace, beads, or other embellishments.  Females should have belt loops and/or pockets.  Males’ pants should have belt loops and pockets.



    Must not be above knee when standing. Must be black, khaki, or gray. (No gym-type shorts)  Dresses must have collars that follow the same rule as shirts.


           6. SHIRTS:

    Should be one color (black, white, gold, gray), collared (polo, button-up dress shirt), with appropriate buttons to the top of the garment. Only top button can be unbuttoned. Long or short sleeve are acceptable, and should not have displays other than a school approved emblem or small brand logo. No wording.  No see through blouses may be worn. Males should have shirttails tucked in and belt line visible. Females can wear shirttails out, but they must extend to at least mid-pocket on the pants but not below the bottom of the pocket.  There should be no gaps between shirt and pants when sitting.



    Single color (black, white, gold, gray) undershirts, turtleneck or mock turtleneck may be worn as undergarments. Foundation garments must be worn tucked in and under an acceptable shirt.


          8. HEADWEAR: Headwear is not permitted in school.  Only prescription glasses are permitted.  No sunglasses.


          9. COATS/JACKETS:

    Plain black, gold, white or gray sweatshirts or School sweatshirts (pull over or zip up) may be worn over an approved collared shirt. (NO HOODIES) Jackets and headwear worn in winter must be removed upon arrival.  Jackets worn in school must be solid black, gold, white, or gray with NO HOODS..



    Earrings or other piercings are not permitted with the following exception: a student may wear up to two pairs of earrings (in ear) or a small nose stud that are not distracting or present safety issues.


          11. JEWELRY: Jewelry must not be distracting, a safety issue or contain gang paraphernalia.


          12. Students will not be allowed to bring BLANKETS to school.


    SPECIAL DAYS: These are days set aside by the school administration to allow variation in the dress code, such as spirit day or picture day. Dates will be announced and all clothing must be appropriate as defined by the principal on those days. 


    Students who transfer into DCS during the year and cannot adhere to dress code immediately may submit a request to school principal upon admission to school for assistance.

    Parents who do not wish for their children to wear standardized dress because of religious beliefs or medical reasons must submit their reasons in writing to the school principal.